Mochi is my new popcorn


My new favorite snack. Mochi! Not the mochi covered ice cream that many of us know and love. It is purely slice and bake pounded sweet rice yumminess. I found it in the case next to the tofu at Whole Foods.  They come out of the oven puffed and crisped on the outside and chewy on the inside, and yes a little funny looking.

My mom is visiting, for a snack we popped some in the oven and afterward I poured a little melted butter on top and as always a little sea salt. I said “it tastes like bread, right?” she looked at me with a very serious face, then said “better”.

I am hooked and so happy. I held back and didn’t buy every flavor in the store. Oh my they have chocolate slice and bake mochi at Fairway Market! I decided I have to finish the cinnamon raisin first before I have the chocolate, so I must to get to work on eating some mochi!


4 thoughts on “Mochi is my new popcorn

  1. I want to love mochi more than I do. For me, the tricky thing is cutting it to just the right size- to hit that perfection between chewy middle and crispy outside, without being pasty and sticky in the middle. Having an extra-sharp knife helps, and so does a bit of mental measuring. 🙂

    When I was eating dairy (oh, how I miss it so!), I used to like to poke a hole in the cinnamon ones and stuff a little bit of cream cheese & some nuts & raisins inside. Heaven! The plain/spicy one is also tasty with a bit of salsa/refried beans inside, or hummus & diced cucumber.

  2. Molly ,this is fun to follow … keep me posted .
    By the way use a folded piece of white foam core or any white card at least 12 -14 inches high on the other side of your light source to the side of the prepared dish …. you might get hired to do it all!!
    see you soon Marina

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