Christmas in July

Food styling and photo by Molly Rundberg

I shall explain. Hamlet’s birthday (my fiancé) is a few days before Christmas. Instead of a cake this last year he wanted a tart, so I told him I would make him a pear almond tart, then I got sick on his birthday and one thing led to another and the tart was long forgotten about. About a week ago, in his sweet demeanor he said “so I would really like my tart.” This is one thing I love about him, he says what he wants and there is no confusion. And he was right, the man deserved his birthday cake, I mean tart. So a slow work week led to me walking around town a lot. A walk to Atlantic Avenue led me through the Thursday Borough Hall Farmers Market which led me to the berries for this tart. The pastry cream I made was smooth and not too sweet. The crust, almond meal, some gluten-free flours and lots of butter! And success, Hamlet has never been happier with a dessert, he loves my gluten-free desserts, I wonder why? Yes, they are as tasty as desserts made with regular flour but he seems to like them better, maybe he likes that I can enjoy them with him. Regardless, he said I should make another one immediately because this one won’t last long.  I wonder if it will last the weekend?

Happy Fourth of July!

One thought on “Christmas in July

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! And the photo is makes me feel like I could take a bite. Nice touch red/white and blue. Happy Birthday on the 4th to Hamlet!

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