Baked NYC- Wedding Cake Contestants

Photo by Molly Rundberg

This Saturday we rode our bikes to Red Hook, not only was it the nicest weather here in many weeks, we were on our way to pick out cake at BakedNYC. I kept saying that Hamlet was going to do all the tasting (me not eating wheat and all), he had no problem with this “burden”.  I didn’t know until I sat in front of the cupcakes, but I was going to eat cake too. Well I survived a day of wheat, today woke up a little tired and with a sore throat but my day of wheat eating has come and gone and I don’t need to push it any longer, I have been down that road before. So on to the cake!

Here we have our take home cupcakes that we tasted, we are not having cupcakes but two round (non-tiered) cakes. We picked two flavors, what do you think we picked? Here is what we tasted.  The slice on the upper right is called “bananas” its banana cake with chocolate peanut butter mousse surrounded by a layer of chocolate ganache.  Top left: red velvet cake with cinnamon buttercream, top right: salted caramel chocolate butter cream with chocolate cake, middle left: is birthday cake vanilla butter cream and vanilla cake, middle right: coconut cream with citrus vanilla cake, bottom left: vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, bottom right: chocolate birthday cake with vanilla frosting

So which do you think we chose?

4 thoughts on “Baked NYC- Wedding Cake Contestants

  1. Wellllllllllllllllllllll…It is hard to imagine what you both picked and not have my mind interject what sounds fabulous to me. But I’ll try : )

    Coconut cream with citrus vanilla cake and red velvet cake with cinnamon buttercream.

    Truly they all sound yum. Can’t wait for The Big Day when we find out your choices. XOXO Mom

  2. I don’t know what you picked, but I know I probably would have picked the salted caramel + chocolate. I adore chocolate wedding cakes because they’re still a “novelty” around here. Our cake was chocolate with a double layer filling: chocolate ganache and a chocolate hazelnut cream, like whipped Nutella. It’s been nine years and I am still dreaming of that cake. It’s my madeline. I actually attempted to have a few bakeries re-create it for our first few anniversaries and they were tasty but not even close.

  3. Well the winners were two cakes!
    Citrus coconut cake with coconut cream frosting (this was the crowd’s favorite, but we didn’t get a chance to taste it) and chocolate cake with salted caramel chocolate frosting (we tasted this it was very good, but only had two bites it got busy come cake time with the costume change and all). We are going back to Baked NYC this weekend and going to have the cakes we missed at our wedding!

    It sounds like our voters where right, yay people good work!! You all have great taste!

    Erica your cake sounds magical and elusive.

    co-op chef

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