Seven Reasons Why I Cook

1. Cooking has always been fun and it’s a really good day when it makes me dance.

2. There is nothing better than sharing food you cooked with the ones you love. Like when my son ate those two pieces of blanched green beans yesterday and said they were good, my heart swelled…but seriously when will he eat more than two pieces?

3. Because I get to use an awesome knife and make things look pretty and taste good. Did you know that spiffing up your knife skills will make you a better cook? Get a nice enough knife, keep it sharp and store it properly. Go slowly and practice, it’s all muscle memory! Learn a few new knife techniques and watch out for that thumb!

4. Everyday is fresh and new, there is always a new dish to eat or create. I am always learning, that’s why I cook.

*My favorite post about my favorite cook, my grandma.

5. Because we all need to eat and life is too short not to enjoy the food we get our hands on. When ingredients are lovely being a chef is easy, you have your technique down and then when you learn to listen to your food, it’s even easier. What does it say to you? Does it say: I’m done, I need more time, I should be room temperature before you start that, etc.?

6.   Yes, I cook food and create recipes, but food creates me. Being a chef and a recipe writer for me is all about connecting with people, hearing what they want and in turn collaborating with the food to get to an end point. These end points, these finished dishes have so much meaning to me for that reason. I have gotten so much more from cooking in this life, more than I could ever give to a pot roast, (or my chocolate hazelnut crepes, but man those are good) it’s that simple. It’s a relationship that mimics life, where nothing is static, it is always moving and changing. Food is so powerful and cooking this way has made a fulfilling life for me.

7. Because I am always thinking about the next thing I will cook. Whenever people ask me what my favorite thing to cook is, I wonder if I should say “steak” or “Moroccan!” But for me cooking is about the adventure and the unknown, finding the answers to the experiment. So I always answer that question with “whatever is next!” That’s my favorite thing to cook.

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