Glögg Braised Brisket featured in Sweet Paul Magazine

Photo by Paul Lowe Food by Molly Rundberg-Villa

Recipe here: Glögg Braised Brisket

I am so happy to share this dish which I developed and was featured in Sweet Paul Magazine. Both my grandmother’s inspired this dish, one Swedish one Jewish and both a huge influence on my life and my cooking. The holidays are filled with memories of their cooking and generosity and this dish happily marries their backgrounds into a ridiculously good winter meal.

Warm and hearty, with lots of depth from the crushed dried mushroom and juniper berries which are used to marinated the beef to the mulled wine spices it braises in, this brisket has many layers of flavor.  I use a second cut of brisket instead of the first cut, the second cut has more fat and I think this really means more flavor and yields a tender finished product. You need to do more skimming of fat during the braising and if it is really important to you cut out the fat layer before you reheat it before serving.

Brisket can be dry if you skip steps or rush the process but if you let this dish be a drawn out lazy process it will be worth ever second of wishing it was done already.

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